rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Early and Late

The pre-dawn quiet is disturbed by early commuters passing along the main road a block west. An hour ago, I heard deer. They had already gone up the block, and had passed my house on their way back down, so I didn't see them, screened as they were by the shrubs and trees. Their hooves clopped softly on the pavement as they retreated. I'd much rather hear deer hooves than automobile engines.

There are a few more tasks I must do before sleeping. I must write a check for my Internet service! (Yes, we can pay by check, since the company is local.) In spite of having had coffee last night after dinner, I have felt myself nodding off several times in the last hour. Perhaps the deer hypnotized me. Most likely, I will get a delayed caffeine rush as soon as my head hits the pillow, then spend a couple of hours with the opposite of dreams -- you know, those stupid thoughts that run through your head when you are over-tired? I hate those. I'd rather be having dreams about touching the velvet antlers of the deer.

I'm doing a lot of rathering. Time to write that check and get to bed.

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