rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I finally got the cable fixed, more or less, so I ended up watching television half the night. It took three calls to Comcast this time, which brings the total calls I've made to the company since they took over the local system a bit over a year ago to about eight or nine. The strange thing is that with the final call, which finally got it fixed, I reached a customer service representative who actually knew what she was doing! As many times as I've called that company, this is the first time I've had such an experience. Her name was Michelle, and I'm sure she won't be around long. She will either be promoted, since she has a brain, or she will be fired because her competence makes everybody else at Comcast look bad by comparison. Anyway, she managed to figure out what was wrong and fix it, and didn't argue with me once! The rest of the people I've talked to there have been, at best, condescending, and more often, flat out rude. I hope that Michelle either takes over the whole company, or gets a job with a real business.

So, the cable got fixed just in time for me to see Amalie, which, since I live in a backwater, I'd never before seen. I enjoyed it, but it made me nostalgic for the years in Los Angeles when I frequently saw foreign movies in real theatres, with audiences that understood them. I miss that.

Now it's late, and I'm tired, and the cat will complain loudly when I remove her from my lap so I can go to bed. She's been on my lap for at least three hours tonight. If I wore loose pants, she'd probably crawl inside them to sleep. Clingy cat.

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