rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Deer came to the street tonight, but not until after the moon had set, so they couldn't be seen. I heard them trotting away after I opened my door and startled them. It sounded as though there might be five or six of them. I heard raccoons in the night, too. After all the crows and squirrels and woodpeckers yesterday, I'd say the animals must be up to something. Roy ought to have been more careful. I think I forgot to mention that I found a black widow in the house a couple of days ago. We thoroughly cleaned the room it was in, but found no egg. If there was one, and we missed it, there will be an infestation. That's always unpleasant. I worry about the cats when there are black widows in the house, since cats like to nose around in dark corners and such. Black widows are among the few spiders I don't hesitate to kill, unless they are out in the woods where they belong.

It is supposed to be marginally cooler today. The night has certainly been nice. While the moon was up, it illuminated thin clouds which rolled across the sky like waves in very slow motion. Or did I dream that when I briefly nodded off to sleep? No, I'm pretty sure that the clouds were real. I think that the cat saying "make bacon" was the part that was a dream.

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