rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Heating up again. It was well into the eighties today. I saw nine crows on the lawn next door. I wonder if there is to be a murder?

Squirrels came into the yard today. They are eager for the walnut tree to start dropping nuts. It looks as though the crop will be bigger this year. Since there also seems to be a bigger crop of squirrels, the competition will be fierce. That should be fun to watch.

My cable has gone all LJ on me -- meaning that it isn't working very well. The digital channels have been unstable for about a month -- breaking up when they are there at all. There was a problem with the sound a couple of days ago. Now we have been without the television guide for about thirty hours. The whole system is falling apart, and every time I call to complain, I get put on hold forever, and eventually give up. Comcast expects to be paid for this crap. It is the worst cable service we've ever had. Time to look into getting a dish, I think.

There is a possibility of rain by next Saturday. Oh, I certainly hope so. I hope the weather service is more reliable than Comcast. Or LJ.
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