rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cool Afternoon

I accidentally bought scented cat litter, and now the house reeks of that vile perfume they use in the stuff. I (and the cat) prefer the kind with baking soda. At least it was only a small bag, so it will only last for a few days, and only one of the cats uses the box, the other preferring to go outdoors. But I have to clean the litter up as soon as it gets wet, or the smell permeates everything. Tedious.

It's a good thing the weather has cooled off enough that I can leave the windows open all day. Breezes waft through the rooms, fluttering the newspaper and making the curtains billow. I hear the birds chirping and small creatures rustling the undergrowth. Woodpeckers continue to attack the house next door. I wonder if it has termites? The patches of sunlight falling through the trees grow larger as the leaves are slowly thinned out by the approach of autumn. The filigree of light and shadow flickers on walls and floors as the drifting air stirs twig and leaf. The cat finds a bright patch of carpet and curls up for a nap. I think I'll have one myself.

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