rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

I'm Going Butch

I re-took the LJ Gender (by which they mean Sex) quiz. The first time, it decided that my gender was indeterminate. This time, I got 59% masculine. I think it's because I used the word "kill" in the entry in which I posted the quiz result. That's quite a boost from one entry, in any case. Maybe this entry will push it even higher.

LJ is about as hosed today as I've ever seen it. Pages are taking forever to open, there are all sorts of problems with posting comments, and user icons are totally screwed. I'm beginning to think that Brad made the wrong career choice. On the other hand, I'd hate to see him performing surgery. It would be slaughter: "Uh, Doctor Fitzpatrick? That isn't the appendix you're taking out. That's the gall bladder. And in any case, this patient is supposed to be having a colostomy."

We can't win them all. The question is, can we win any?

Muscle car. Go Dodgers. Beat the crap out of people who make stupid quizzes. And, oh yeah: guns, guns, guns!

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