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Once I turn the television on, I'm screwed. I ended up cooking my brain for about six hours. Two of those hours were spent watching old Kids in the Hall shows. I didn't know they were still running them. It's impossible for me to stop watching them once I've started. Funny stuff. But here I am with the nights sufficiently cool to keep Sluggo moderately stable, and I end up sucking away at the glass teat.

The deer returned after the moon had set. I heard them moving about. It has been quite some time since they paid a visit, and now they have been here twice in ten hours. Alas, there are no pansies for them to snack on. All the plants died in the summer heat. The hedge across the street has plenty of roses, though, and that will keep them coming back for a while. In a few days, the moon will be nearing the full, and, should the deer visit then, I might get a good look at them.

I think that thuggy neighbor might be moving out. His house has been busy with comings and goings of pickup trucks. I won't be sorry to see him go, but I'd be disappointed if he got away before sinister neighbor has been exposed. Sinister neighbor himself shows no sign of departing. Ah, well. Maybe thuggy neighbor will get pissed off at him and kill him before leaving. One can only hope.

Happy October.

Apparently, my gender is indeterminate. That makes me like Krazy Kat. Not a bad thing, aside from the getting hit in the head with a brick every day.

My journal says nothing about my gender.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by hutta

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