rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Buck Passing

A deer just ran across my front lawn, in broad daylight. They seldom come this far into town at midday. It was a full grown buck, with a large set of antlers. Eight points, I think, but I was so startled by his sudden appearance that I failed to get a good count. He came down through the front yards from the north, leaping the low fences, and passed across my lawn about twenty feet from where I was standing, then crossed the street and went through the front yard of the house on the corner, then across the road to the south and into the orchard. I waited for a few minutes to se if any other deer followed him, but there were none. I seldom see lone deer, but then I seldom see them this time of day, either. If I believed in omens, I'd consider this a good one. I just hope that he heads east from the orchard, rather than west toward the town, where traffic is heavy in the afternoons.

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