rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Late Fragments

The clouds continue to lurk by night and vanish by day. Once the moon has waxed enough, I will be able to see them by its light. When the first overcast day of the season comes, I will celebrate. The remainder of this year may turn out to be as crappy as the first three quarters, but at least it won't be so wretchedly hot.

It is a sad fact that the most entertaining thing that has happened to me in the last week is that I got a piece of spam from a fake person called Joy Bender. I didn't open it, of course, but the name amused me.

I suppose everyone has noticed that celebrities are dropping like flies. Are there any bets on who will be next? I heard that Ben and Jen went to Georgia and bought a gun. A double suicide in the works? Could be. My guess is that they'll wait and see what kind of reviews their next movie gets.

Why is it that every time I perform maintenance on Sluggo, Outlook Express goes all goofy on me and crashes as soon as it is opened? I have to look at my mail online until the stupid program gets stable again, which usually takes a couple of days. What the hell is wrong with Microslough, anyway? You'd think they could get one thing right!

Two more days of September to endure. I can do that. I plan to sleep through as much of them as possible, though.

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