rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Only ten new posts on my friends page in the last ten hours. I guess its safe to assume there's nobody here to read this. This would be the time for me to make damning confessions about myself, if there were anything the slightest bit interesting for me to confess. The only thing to confess is that my life is very, very dull, and I have no idea why anybody bothers to read about it.

Anyway, the clouds failed to survive the dawn, and the day is insufficiently cool once again. This summer is like a piece of toilet paper stuck to a shoe. We'll probably be dragging it clear into October. Obviously, we are suffering some sort of punishment for our folly. I blame the recall election. California is going to be dried up and blown away for its stupidity. Now I have to decide where to move. What a lot of bother.
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