rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Quite Early

Again no deer, no raccoons, not even a whiff of skunk. Insects, all night. Even now there is a gnat crawling across my monitor. Still the cicadas trill like munchkin sopranos. They will continue until the light breaks from the east. I will be asleep by then, with any luck. For another hour or so, Orion will keep me company.

It is said that the further one is from the last earthquake, the closer one is apt to be to the next one. California is quite a way from northern Japan. I wonder if my recent desire for natural disaster is about to be fulfilled?

Sluggo's misbehavior over the last couple of days has been quite intense. He may be telling me that he wants his fans cleaned again. He is jealous of the newly vacuumed carpet. Tomorrow, Sluggo, tomorrow. Now is time for sleep.
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