rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Outlook express refused to work this morning. Every time I started the program, it would crash. This happened about five times. So I tried to fetch the e-mail on line. The service was down. So I tried to post something, but Internet Exploder crashed before I could get it written. So I gave up and went to sleep.

I am so sick of computers.

I've begun watering a patch of lawn so the cats will have some green grass to chew without wandering into a neighboring yard. The green patch is now decorated with shriveling yellow mulberry leaves. There is still plenty of canopy, and the shade under the tree remains dense, but the heat creeps into the shade so that even there I have the feeling of standing too close to a fire. The blue haze is back, too, as the trees sweat out their resins to mingle with the unburned hydrocarbons drifting up from the valley. I am intensely aware of the distance to the ocean.

We are fortunate that there have been no large fires here this year. There is still time for disaster, though. The longer this heat and dryness continues, the more likely fire becomes. The forest always feels tense in these conditions. I would so like to be somewhere else.

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