rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Little Bits

There's a moth fluttering against the computer screen again. Maybe it wants an LJ code. A moth might have more interesting thoughts than I do these days.

I've begun getting sleepy spells at about three o'clock each morning. If I do nothing at that time, I nod off to sleep for an hour or so. I'll probably never figure out the quirks of my sleep schedule. Just when I think it has settled into a pattern, something odd happens. Most of reality is like that.
"Oh world, but that thy strange mutations make us hate thee, life would not yield to age."
That's Shakespeare. Lear, I think. Anyway.

That red mole near my right shoulder blade has developed that burning sensation it has periodically been getting for the last couple of years. It tends to flare up with stress. I'm going to have to get more of that ointment for it. Since my visit to the dermatologist, at least I know that it is extremely unlikely to become malignant. I wish I could get the same guarantee about some people.

The moon is down to a thin, late rising crescent. The darkened sky is a good backdrop for Orion, who rises fairly late as well. I'm glad he's back. I missed him all summer. I'm pretty sure he didn't miss me, but I can dream.

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