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Laments [Sep. 7th, 2003|05:09 am]
My LJ client seems to have vanished. I click on its link in my menu, and nothing appears. It has been eaten. So I'm using the update page.

Tonight, I've been getting bouts of the most appalling stomach pains. More anxiety related stuff, I suspect. As a rule, I don't get much physical pain, aside from the occasional headache and a bit of indigestion, unless I do something rash that gets my back out of joint. So, this is a rare experience. I'd say I don't much like it.

The cats have been plagued with fleas this summer. It's been a long time since I've seen them scratch so much. This has been a summer of vermin, though. I've seen more bugs of various sorts in the house than in usual. Meanwhile, the bugs I best like -- butterflies -- have been conspicuous by their absence. I keep expecting this year to redeem itself in some way, but thus far it has failed to do so. Indeed, it seems to grow more delinquent with each month. I'd say I don't much like 2003.