rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The afternoon might have been enjoyable, had I not been feeling out of sorts of late. (Out of sorts of late. I like the way that rolls, and the slight sense of disorientation it gives me.) With the cooling of evening, I note that there is definitely a touch of fall in the air. We have reached that time when it is cool enough fro me to be comfortable, but not cold enough for Sluggo to be reasonable stable. Once it is that cold, it will be uncomfortable for me. Sluggo and I have no overlap in our comfort zones, alas.

My concentration is shot to hell, as it always is when I am enduring any sort of stress. That's one of the problems with anxiety disorders. I sometimes wish I were one of those people who actually enjoyed overdosing on adrenalin. Of course, I'd then most likely be an ass. But then, I wouldn't know that I was an ass, because asses never do. Anyway, I'm bummed, and I hate bitching in my journal, so I'm going to shut up.
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