rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Awake too early again. Through the drapes, the light was so pale that I thought I had slept 'till evening. It was shortly after eleven in the morning. The gray lingered, and the heat grew, and the sultry air was sprinkled with occasional fat raindrops. They darkened spots of pavement the size of a quarter, but within seconds would shrink to the size of a dime and then vanish. At last, the massed gray began to break, and hot sunshine poured down between white clouds and silver-lined gray which took on a reddish tinge. It was a sky both beautiful and ominous. Tonight, the heat lingers in the still air, though some few stars have appeared. It seems unlikely that there will be a thunderstorm. Too bad. I'm still waiting for that fortuitous bolt of lightning.
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