rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

O Paragon of Animals

Something is scuttling about in the leaves under the wild plum bushes, just outside my window. Not noisy enough for a raccoon, but too noisy for any of the small rodents who live hereabout. Skunk? If so, it hasn't released any perfume. Probably not a serpent. Could be a night bird of some sort, though I don't know why it would be poking around on the ground. Just another one of the mysteries of night, I suppose.

The mysteries of the day here are quite different, as they so often involve human behavior. Often inexplicable, frequently alarming, the behavior of humans in backwaters such as this can be quite as bizarre as that of those who live in more populous places. I was treated to an exhibition of such behavior last evening, and continue to be quite disturbed by it. I don't want to go into details, but the experience has considerably reduced my sense of security, and may eventually lead to my needing to file a lawsuit, which I can ill afford, and which would be incredibly disruptive. I hope it can be avoided. I'm not a big fan of torts.

In the meantime, I have informed the local police of the incident, so it is documented. Now, I also have the unpleasant task of deciding whether or not I should inform the neighbors of the fact that we probably have a lunatic in our midst, and that he's right next door to two of them. I don't know if his actions are the result of some clinical disorder, a drug-addled mind, or just plain old arrogant stupidity, but the guy needs to be set straight, or locked up. Until then, he's a loose cannon who might roll over just anybody.

There are times when I could easily be convinced that humans don't deserve to be classified with the more admirable primates, such as gorillas.

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