rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Random Stuff

I've been enjoying Am I Governor or Not?, presented by (who else) (Link courtesy of shane.) I'm actually quite pleased that California continues to serve its function as the entertainment capital of the world. It is one of the reasons the state's economy has continued to outperform that of the United States as a whole for the last couple of years, in spite of the notorious dotcom collapse. As long as we can keep everyone amused, the money will keep rolling in. WARNING: You will probably see that naked picture of Ah-nuld at that site.

At the moment, I'm also enjoying the sight of the crescent moon canoodling with the tops of the pine trees. From my window, it looks rather like a hammock that's been hung too high on one end. It partly makes up for the fact that I didn't get out again today, and have entirely run out of herb teas. I must drink that drug-laden Lipton, and get all jumpy. If I drink just enough of it, I might become more productive. If I drink a little too much, my thoughts will scatter like frightened pigeons, and I'll be useless all night. Tricky.

I could use some energy to clean up the computer. I've got a bunch of .jpg files I've never organized, and goatloads of .clp files I've never deleted, with a few useful files lost among them which would be better moved to MS Word. Most of the time, I don't deal with it because I feel as though I had something better to do, but my brain is currently on hiatus, as far as anything worthwhile is concerned, so I might as well do grunt work. After all, I can only look at "Am I Governor or Not" for so long before even it begins to pale.

I've noticed that I have to double click my mouse to get some LJ links to open. Is it LJ, or is my mouse about to go to the big cheese in the sky?

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