rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Time Bites

All night, I've had the fan blowing in the window, and the room is still too hot for Sluggo. Will he never be satisfied? I stay up way too late waiting to do something. My schedule is so screwed up now!

All summer, the older cat spent her nights indoors. Now that the mornings are chilly outdoors, she is going out onto the porch to watch the world emerge from darkness. This morning, the air is like water which has had the tiniest bit of milk stirred into it -- if milk were blue. It doesn't qualify as haze, but there is something there which denies complete clarity. It reminds me of my thoughts. I wonder what the cat is thinking as she watches it? It probably reminds her of the attention I pay to her feeding schedule.

I will go to bed now, but I will probably not get to sleep for another two hours. That's the way it has been going for the last couple of weeks. I'd want a do-over for the last month, but then I'd have to go through that weather again. Unthinkable. Oh, there go those screeching blue jays! Say good-night, Sluggo.

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