rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Irritable Cat

The elder of my two cats has been feeling poorly again. She was displeased with both flavors of food I gave her last night, and sneaked some of the other cat's dry food when I wasn't looking, and then tossed it up. She's never been good at keeping dry food down. Then she spent a few hours pestering everyone available to give her attention. I think that this hot summer has been tough on her.

For a long time, whenever she didn't feel well, she would crawl into a particular spot under a table that sits next to my computer. Then, for about a year, she slept in that spot routinely, even when she wasn't ill. A few weeks ago, I cleaned that spot, peeling a sweater's worth of her fur from the carpet. Since then, she has gone into that spot only once, to check it out, and she refuses to sleep there any longer. So now, when she feels bad, she insists on sleeping on my lap. Vengeful kitty. She probably resents me for cleaning her favorite spot, just when she'd gotten it into the desired degree of cattishness.

Well, I am punished. Do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is to use the keyboard while sitting sideways in the chair because the cat on your lap won't fit under the keyboard tray? Very! If this keeps up, I'll be needing hip replacement surgery, not to mention a back brace.

I was going to try to get to sleep early tonight. Too late for that now. Time to move the cat. There's bound to be yowling, and maybe a bit of claw, accompanied by a hiss. I don't know why she gets into such a snit over such things. After all, she knows she's going to get the biggest half of the bed.

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