rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The late-rising crescent smile of the moon clears the trees just before the sky begins to pale. For the first time in months, I see all of Orion above the trees, too, before he fades into the brightening blue. Far to the west, Mars flashes brightly. It is only a few days before Earth passes between Mars and the Sun. The twenty seventh is the new moon, and Mars will be by far the brightest thing in the sky that night. Unless a nearby star goes nova, of course. One never knows. But I'm happy to see Orion back. I always feel better when he is guarding the night.

But yesterday at this time, everything was covered with dew, and the smell of damp enriched the dawn. Today, it is dry once more, and all signs of the late storm have vanished. Only a few more weeks of heat, and then Orion will rise earlier above a chilled and fading forest. I look forward to that.

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