rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


We have been having thunderstorms this afternoon! Not much rain, but it smelled nice when the first big drops hit the hot pavement. The cable has been out all day, and will probably be out most of the night, because a couple of cable monkeys were aloft in their cherry pickers when the first storm hit. They scurried for cover. The cable was back on for about an hour, but then went off again. They are working on another block, now, and every time another peal of thunder rolls through, I imagine they'll be leaving their posts again.

Now, there is a luminescent blue twilight, and the air is still and expectant. There might be more rain, though I'm not expecting much, and there will probably be more thunder and lightning. Mmm, lightning after dark. It's worth not having cable for that. But Sluggo will have to sleep, too. Not only is he wonky from the heat, but lightning and computers don't get along. Sluggo could do terrible, terrible damage to the storm if I leave him on.

Oh, and I saw a dozen quail in my back yard today. This is the largest bevy of quail I've seen here in years. The birds used to be common here, but they've grown rare for the last decade or so. Too many cats, I think. But these quail did something interesting that I've never seen before. They were all in a tight group, pecking at the ground, when one of them gave a sharp whistle and they all stopped eating at once. They stood quietly for a moment, then most of them hunkered down on the ground, perfectly still. I surmise that their lookout spotted a hawk or other raptor flying overhead, and they stopped moving in order to maximize their chances of going unnoticed. I turned away from the window for a moment to do something, and when I looked again, all the quail had gone. Interesting fowl.

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