rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Briefly Cool

I've finally turned on the air conditioner so that Sluggo will be stable long enough to allow me to fetch a few LJ pages and my e-mail. Yup, it turned hot again! The day was odd, too. I saw bears hugging in the front yard next door, and a beetle of some kind crawled under my shirt. It was tickley. The virus has receded to one nostril, and my stomach, which feels full and hungry at the same time. There were dreams about filling out forms printed on translucent pink tissue paper, and a house turning into a car while I was inside. People kept insisting that I had to take my nephews to a theme park, but my nephews were all older than me, some of them having grey hair and long beards. I couldn't get insurance for them to go on the rides. Very weird virus, this.

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