rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


After getting up too early, I had an afternoon nap and got too hot. Brain cells died. Stumbled around making dinner half asleep. Missed absent brain cells. Aching. Stiffness. Didn't feel like doing anything. Watched television. Brain cells died. Took another nap. Dosing myself with Aconite. It's managed to knock out every cold virus that has gone after me for the last six years, but this is a persistent little bugger. So far, only moderate nasal congestion and limited sneezing, but very sore. I hate colds. I'm about to finish off all the fruit juice in the house. Have to get more tomorrow. Damn, but I bore myself when I'm sick! Going to sleep early. Won't be able to breathe well. Brain cells will die.

Incidentally, since I woke up early yesterday, I fired up Sluggo just after noon, Pacific time, which was just about when the blackout hit the east. I can't be sure, but there's a good chance that Sluggo caused the power failure. I suspect that it fits in somehow with his evil plot to have Arnold, the cyborg Sluggo controls, elected Governor of California. Will his madness never end? In any case, if Sluggo was indeed responsible for the blackout, my sincere apologies to all those inconvenienced by his fiendish behavior.

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