rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Meteor shower indeed! An actual shower this sparse would leave one undampened and dirty. I saw a few faint streaks, like interference in a television picture. In the absence of any proper spectacle, I spent the time making up new constellations. The Kite. The Sperm. The Broken Antenna. The Dog's Breakfast. I was distracted by the cat, who took the occasion to romp back and forth on the lawn. Then it got a bit too chilly, and I came back in. The most interesting thing out there now is the shadow of the utility pole which makes a crude hieroglyph in the lawn. Perhaps I should try to make an early night of it. My schedule has been out of whack for several days. This leads to my being unable to decide whether I'm going to be anxious, or suffer a fit of ennui. If I do nothing for an hour or so, I might become sufficiently bored to actually get to sleep before dawn. Oh, I'm disliking this summer greatly.
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