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Weather, Or Not [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Full [Aug. 11th, 2003|06:00 am]
I watched the moon turn full, and after it set all the stars faded away, but Mars remains, gleaming brightly in the southwest. I thought I detected a grayness to the morning air, and that I caught a faint whiff of fog, but it is probably a wishful hallucination. I've never known fog to appear here in summer. Heavy haze, yes, and a pall of smoke from forest fires, but never fog. Not until well into fall.

But it is supposed to cool just a bit today, which will be nice. Sluggo blue-screened on me three times last night, and I had to let him get lots of rest. I'm thinking about packing him in dry ice. Either that, or find a gullible Hobbit to cast his CPU into the cracks of doom. I'm eager for the cold weather to return so that Sluggo might work well enough for my new project. I'm going to write some Queer Eye for the Straight Guy slash, in which the fab five will have sex with women.

Obviously, I need sleep.