rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

More Like It

Today, I was able to leave the windows wide open all day. I'm glad it's finally cool enough to get the place aired out. It was beginning to smell of ripe cat in here. I like the kitties, but they do stink sometimes, especially when they are grooming. Damp fur. Ew.

Although this break in the summer heat has brought some physical comfort, my brain has yet to catch up. I have yet to catch up with the accumulated mail at my various inboxes, too. How the spam does pile up! I look at it and think; Eh. I'll deal with it tomorrow. The weather is too rare to waste time with Sluggo. I go out and watch the apples growing in the orchard, and the seed-heads ripening in the fields. By night, the moon requires watching, and the crickets require listening to. No time for bathing my eyes in cathode rays.

I might be writing something long. This is probably unwise, as I have two long things sitting unfinished as it is, but something happened recently which reminded me of something and it is irritating me into unaccustomed thought. We'll see. Or not.

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