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Crazed and Diffused [Aug. 6th, 2003|05:56 am]
I'm pretty sure I just went through the same night twice. The only thing is that I don't remember having the hiccups for two hours night before last. Other than that, it was identical. Come to think of it, yesterday and the day before were the same, too. It remains to be seen if today turns out to be yesterday. If it does, I'll start to worry.

When I installed Mozilla a few weeks ago, it nabbed all my image files away from Irfanview, my default image viewing program. I thought maybe it had done so because I made Mozilla my default browser, but after I switched the default back to Internet Exploder, the image files continued to have that little Mozilla icon on them. (That icon is about the ugliest shade of babycrap brown I've ever seen, by the way.) It's about time for me to install a new version of Irfanview, anyway, so when that happens, I'll see if it recaptures all the image files. If it doesn't, then Mozilla will have to go. I'm not using it, anyway, since I still haven't figured out how to view pages offline with it.

I do believe that some of the sluggishness my brain has displayed of late is the result of my not going away from the house very much during the recent hellish spell. I'm going stir crazy. For the last couple of days, I've been able to go out for evening walks, and I find myself passing through the streets in a daze, not quite connecting with what I see. This is the green and brown time of year, with the red oleanders and a few roses being almost the only spots of other color showing. Green and brown are a bit soporific, even at the best of times. Given my debilitated state of mind, their monotony now mesmerizes me into something like a sleepwalk.

Also, I have just recalled that I have seen but one butterfly all this year. Their absence is distressing. It is one more bit of oddness in an odd time. I think I want it to be a different year.