rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sultry Again

My left index finger itches like hell, and I'm drinking coffee. These two facts have nothing to do with one another, and I mention them in tandem only because they are occurring simultaneously. I am drinking coffee because I had chilis rellenos for dinner, and anything with chili in it demands coffee, as far as I'm concerned. I have no idea what the deal is with the itch. It happens once in a while. The finger will itch for half an hour or so, without the aid of a mosquito bite or any such thing, and then it stops. One of life's little mysteries. It probably won't happen anymore once I'm dead.

It continues to be overcast today, though the clouds have a bit more definition than they did yesterday, and the sun occasionally breaks through. When it does, it is very hot. Otherwise, the day is not unpleasant outdoors. In the house, alas, it is hot enough to break Sluggo, but not hot enough to justify turning on the air conditioning. It looks like another computer-free night ahead. I'll probably go for a walk this evening, as I did last evening for the first time in about two weeks. The unaccustomed dampness in the air diminishes the pleasure of exercise, but the fact is that my pants are getting too tight, and I have no intention of buying new ones, or (the horror, the horror) giving up beer. Heat or no, it's time to walk off that roll of fat that's beginning to spill over my waistband.

Last night, there was a fuzzy crescent of moon floating among the clouds for a while, and sprinkles of rain fell periodically all night, but dried almost as soon as they hit the ground. Despite the pleasure I took in the scene, it failed to inspire me. The last few weeks have drained me of all literary desire, and I wander through the world with my thoughts as mute as a zombie's tongue. The sound of each heated leaf rustled by a vagrant breeze stirring the gray afternoon makes me long for autumn and chilly, invigorating wind. But more than half the summer is yet to be endured. I know how the dogs feel.

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