rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Stupid Discovery Channel

The first relatively cool night in almost a week, and I get hung up watching crap about loading docks and high-tech sailing craft. There wasn't even any porn in it! So, while Sluggo might have behaved himself reasonably well for a change, I foolishly left him napping. The cats were as perverse as I. It would have been a perfect night for them to be out stalking nocturnal rodents, but they both spent it sleeping in the house. Well, maybe they just wanted to avoid the crowds, as all the other cats in the neighborhood were out. At any rate, they'll probably spend the day bouncing off the walls, being so well rested. I intend to sleep, no matter how often they may pounce on my head.

Speaking of my head -- Ow, my head! The worst of the heat wave is over, for the time being, but I'm sure it has taken with it at least ten percent of my brain cells. Fried! Gone forever! Poached to death in my boiling cranial fluids! I'm considering a lawsuit against some religious institution which claims to represent an omnipotent deity. Not the Catholic church, of course. What with all the litigation pending against them, their hands are as full as an alter boy's... uh, better not say that. But I believe that the various fundamentalist organizations are flush at the moment. One of them should be made to pay for the damage done by their deity's malevolent weather! Garnishee their tithes, I will!

But I might choose to let it go if I get one of those nice thunderstorms they've been having everywhere else. Hear that, God? One little miracle, and your ministers are off the hook! Come on, you know you want to zing a few thunderbolts at me! It's your thing, isn't it?

Giddy with need for sleep, I fear. Too much television.

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