rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Burning Dollars to Make the Air Cold.

I've decided to stop fighting with the heat and go tropical, so I dug out my Machito CD and I'm listening to Mambo. I'm also being grateful that I don't live in Redding. It was 116oF in Redding yesterday. I don't think it went over 105oF here. Yup, that's why they call it Paradise. With a capital :-P

This evening, there was a thin white cloud partly obscured by a lower patch of small, gray clouds, which made it look as though that part of the sky was tabby-striped. You don't see that very often. I'd say that this evening is also less hideous than the last few evenings have been. It's almost cool enough to be called warm rather than hot, and it's only a bit after nine o'clock. By midnight, it might even be comfortable out there.

Also, I believe that my consumption of iced tea has become so great that I now qualify as an addict. Does Betty Ford have a program for that?

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