rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Usual Complaint

I've been unable to make many comments recently because of the heat. If I didn't have to turn off the air conditioner early, so everybody else can sleep, I could keep Sluggo working long enough to do a bit more. It feels as though we've had an entire summer's worth of heat already, and July isn't even over. I'm dreading August. If I were religiously inclined, I'd think that this weather was divine retribution. Being a scientist, I'd say that it's the result of the excessive consumption of bean burritos and ramen noodles. This is only a hypothesis, of course. The theory is yet to be developed. We must also take into consideration the consumption of "milk" shakes by the customers of various fast "food" establishments. These might well be contributing to the problem, too. Whatever product might be the primary cause, I'd be pleased if everyone using it would simply knock it the hell off! Your flatulence-induced heat is making me irritable. Believe me, you don't want to see me angry.

The weather does have one saving grace, though. It is producing an abundance of cirrus clouds, which make for splendid displays of color at both sunset and sunrise. At the moment, the sky has a great deal of pink in it. Still, it would be nice if the clouds would grow a bit more aggressive. Los Angeles and San Francisco have both enjoyed thunderstorms in recent days, but we have had none. If I'm going to be stuck with monsoon temperatures, I'd like a bit of monsoon rain with it, thanks. Have I mentioned that I'll be glad when this summer is over? Yes? It bears repeating. Get me out of here!

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