rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Mystery Explained

It turned out to be this. I used to be on the ever-reliable Santa Cluster, but a few days ago I was moved to the new Ribeye Cluster. (Which LJ cluster am I on?) Apparently, Santa is being made to disgorge, and the Ribeye Cluster has choked. Who could blame it? Anyway, the movement of content from one cluster to another has caused stuff to blink in and out of existence because "Brad" misconfigured something. Oops.

Anyway, my journal is back, and in the proper style once more, but my previous entry, while it shows in the journal, is not appearing on my friends page. (It must be showing on other friends pages, though, because I've gotten a couple of comments on it.) Some entries were misdirected, it seems, and are now bouncing around in the digital ether until they can be captured. I'm picturing them being like pilchard, swimming around in little schools. OK, that's weird, but this geek stuff confuses the hell out of me. I'm lucky to be able to come up with any analogy at all. At any rate, everything is expected to be back to normal (whatever that may be for LJ) soon. All's well as ends well, as my old gaffer used to say. No, wait. That was Sam Gamgee's old gaffer who used to say that. Never mind.

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