rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Meteor Fails to Become Meteorite

I just saw a meteor drop down the western sky. It must have been somewhere over the Pacific. I've always wanted to see one land nearby. Not like right on the house, mind you, but maybe on a lawn up the block, or something. It's quite unlikely, I know, but if my brother can be struck by lighting while riding his motorcycle (which he was, a number of years ago,) I see no reason why the universe could not arrange for me to see a meteorite blast a crater (just a small one) in a neighbor's yard. Yes, things get pretty dull around here. Aside from the distant meteor, the most dramatic thing to happen tonight was three raccoons passing by, inducing the dogs to bark. Yesterday, the most exciting thing was a pair of crows chasing each other, swooping and soaring and squawking as though they were on an amusement park ride. I'm desperate for entertainment, here! The exhilaration of getting one end of my room cleaned up has worn off, the cats are sleeping, and Sluggo won't stay connected to the Internet long enough for me to find any interesting porn web sites. Furthermore, my heat-addled brain is too fuzzy to provide me with any distraction, and is certainly incapable of any sustained effort of concentration, such as would be required for reading. Oh, dog days. Just one little meteorite? Please!

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