rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

I've Got Mail

I figured out what I did wrong with my e-mail client, and fixed it, and now I'm at last getting LJ replies at my Chiconet address and fetching them to my hard drive. I miss the little yellow flag that popped up to signal the arrival of new messages in Juno, though. Also, I've been unable to find spellcheck in Outlook Express, so my outgoing mail is going to be full of typos. The interface between Outlook and Exploder could be better, too, but I can put up with it for the time being. So, I hope I'm done with the geek stuff for a while. I'm not good at it, and it makes me grumpy, and eats my time.

The heat is making me grumpy, too, and there is a lot of heat. The thin wisps of cirrus cloud are persisting, and this evening the sky was brushed with pink by their feathery shapes. The humidity is higher than normal for the mountains, too, and suggests the possibility of thunderstorms, which would increase the likelihood of fire. After the uncommonly rainy spring, there is surely an abundance of kindling drying in the forest, and the hot air is filled with the sharp scent of those vapors exuded by volatile pine resins. The place feels more flammable than ever, this year. It would be so annoying if, just when I'd gotten Sluggo reconfigured, he were destroyed in a conflagration which (incidentally) consumed the entire town.

There was something else, but it's been cooked out of my brain. I'm going to go make myself wet in the shower, and pretend it's rain in Hawaii.

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