rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Arrrrgh! (and "Awwww!)

Now that I'm using Internet Explorer more than I have for a long time, I went to the Widows Update site to see if it needed any patches. Is it more amusing, or more irritating, that the Windows Update site is one of the places my copy of IE is most likely to crash? Needless to say, after this happened twice (this time -- it's happened in the past, too,) I was unable to find out if I needed any updates or not. Hmph. They suggested that I upgrade from IE 5.5 to IE 6.0, but that file is HUGE! More bother. Microsoft. Feh!

Happier stuff: my favorite headline from yesterdays Sacramento Bee: "Diet of Young Women Linked to Breast Cancer." Cannibals take note; eat only men, or older women.

Also from yesterday's Bee: baby snow leopard!

Whole night gone in dealing with Sluggo. Sleep.
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