rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


For the last few nights, I have heard no crickets in my yard. I hear them from 'round about, but those in my yard have fallen silent, or have left, or have died. Abandoned even by the crickets! Do they know something I don't? Is avery local disaster about to strike? Has my frequent intrusion into their territory driven them away? Have they been eaten by my cats? Have I trodden upon them in the dark? I have no answers. I have no crickets. I'm sure it's a bad sign, though.

The clouds failed to return tonight, too, and the deer were absent. Bereft. Only the waning moon for company. I'd eat some worms, but I suspect that none are about. They, too, have most likely been repelled. Reason will be next to go. I must practice howling at the moon.
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