rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Leaves are falling from the oaks. Pale and dry, these prematurely fallen leaves crumble easily, and they are covered in brown spots, and have little holes bored through them. Some small creature has been munching on them. In a normal year, there would be a few of leaves falling this early, but this year they are numerous. The heat, most likely. Other plants are suffering, as well. In particular, the sourgrass by the front door, in spite of being sufficiently watered, has shriveled up, the green stalks turning yellow and bent flat against the ground. Heat.

Until a couple of years ago, I would go for afternoon walks on even the hottest days. Two relatively mild summers in a row have spoiled me. Now, even the evenings feel uncomfortably warm. I become more like the cats, desiring to spend the hot hours of the day napping in some dark corner. Unfortunately, no one is going to open a can of food for me, so I must go now and cook. I wonder if I could adjust to a raw diet?

Later: Sluggo had to nap before I could post. The evening has turned almost pleasant, with a bit of breeze helping to dissipate the day's heat. No sign of clouds yet, but last night they didn't begin to form until well after moonrise. I can wait.

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