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Thus far, Sluggo seems to be pleased with the new Internet service. He has blue-screened only once, and I was able to keep a connection for more than an hour. I have yet to test his stability in the heat of the day, though. That's one of the things I'll have to do this afternoon, if I have time.

I spent most of that hour-long connection downloading Mozilla. Naturally, I have some trepidation about installing it, given Sluggo's past reactions to new software. Conniptions would be to mild a word to describe it. However, though I've been using Internet Exploder tonight without disaster, I still mistrust that program. Even more, I distrust Outlook Express, for which every script kiddie in the world has written at least one virus. Since I am in dire need of a decent e-mail client, I'm going to try the one that comes with Mozilla. With luck, I'll be able to install those programs today.

I also must deal with the failure of Chiconet's server to recognize my e-mail address and/or password. It ought to work, but doesn't, so I'll be calling them this afternoon (their tech support begins at nine o'clock in the morning -- it's a small company.) Once that's been set up, I can configure the e-mail client, notify LJ of my change of address, and begin receiving my LJ notifications once more, without the trouble of going to that annoying online mailbox at Excite.

I intend to be very happy about all this, and woe to the recalcitrant computer (we all know of whom I speak) who dares any attempt to thwart my plans! Anyway. Big afternoon ahead, and a hot one, too. Must sleep.

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