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Yesterday, my sleep was interrupted three times, I got up too early; my cat threw up on the carpet, and then twice on the kitchen floor; I found that Sluggo could stay connected to the Internet for no more than seven minutes, due to the heat; the only thing in the house for dinner was something that invariably gives me indigestion; and in the evening, while waiting for the day to cool off enough that I could take a walk, I sat down for a couple of minutes -- and woke up ninety minutes later with a sore neck from having slept on it the wrong way, and it was dark out. Now I'm dizzy. So, how was your day?

When I lived in Los Angeles, I sort of liked July, even though it was sometimes as hot as it is here, and usually smoggy, too. I liked it because there were always a couple of parties, and I could usually pick up a few extra bucks videotaping 4th of July events for a local cable TV channel, and I could always find time to go visit the breezy shores of Santa Monica a couple of times. It was a fairly decent way to spend a month. Here, my recreation is limited to those evening walks, my entertainment is whatever can be found on television or the Internet (when Sluggo is working,) and most days I feel as though I've been sunburned, even when I don't get out of the house. The heat here just </i>penetrates.</i> Since the forest is so highly flammable this time of year, we don't even get fireworks. July here bites. So do its mosquitoes.

Don't mind me, I'm just cranky. I got my nap, which I didn't want. Now, at four in the morning, the house has cooled enough that Sluggo was able to stay connected for all of twenty-seven minutes! Whoopie. After he cools for an hour or so, I can post this, in the gray morning. Then I can go to sleep and, most likely, go through another day just like the last one. A few more months of that, and things will get back to normal. Then I can start dreading the icy blast of winter. Yup.

Oh, by the way. Happy Freaking Independence Day.

Update: Well, at least when I went out a few minutes ago, the kitty from across the street came over to say hello to me. And she didn't even so much as cough up a hairball! That's something, anyway.

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