rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

As I Was Saying Yesterday!

When I was rudely interrupted by the ticking clock and the rising thermometer, I mentioned that June 28th is the date when I finally jumped into the LJ pool to sink or swim. After treading water for two years, I might have pruned up a bit, but I haven't drowned. I'm surprised that I've been able to keep this thing going for so long when (big secret) I have nothing to say! Just as Jerry Seinfeld spent years and years on television with a show about nothing, I have managed for two full years to keep a journal about nothing. I think that I owe my persistence to my determination to defeat Sluggo, the digital personification of evil. Every bit of word jewelry, every gripe about bad Internet service and wretched operating systems, every wisp of anecdotal memory which I have spun out into a near epic of nostalgia, every quaint pastoral vignette has been a victory over The Slug and his constant attempts to wrench me back into the pre-computer age. Hah! Take that, Sluggo! Two years!

I am pleased that Sluggo has been unable to disengage me from this place, despite his best efforts. Ever since I stumbled on the site, I have thought of LiveJournal as one of the most fascinating creations on the Internet. It continues to hold my interest as effectively as it did in those first few weeks when I was a lurker, poking around the site, astonished at the things people were saying, right out in public, in front of brad and everybody! (And it was during that period of lurking that I discovered some of the people who eventually graced my friends list, including scottobear, who has been on it longer than anybody.) When I finally decided to sign up and become one of those audacious people, I wasn't sure I'd be able to sustain the effort, but I guess it's worked out. If I stick around a couple more years, I might eventually even come up with something to say!

In fact, I might come up with something right now, which is Thanks to all the people on my friends list, (and all those not on my friends list but who continue to be the objects of my occasional lurkings), who keep me entertained (and often informed) day after day, and to all those who read my maunderings and often take time to comment on them. It is the community that makes LiveJournal, well, live, and I'm sure I wouldn't be here if not for all the writers and readers I've gotten to spite of Sluggo! So, thanks to everybody for a pleasant two years, and more years to come.

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