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This evening brought me a brief case of hiccups. I've always found hiccups to be disturbing. Although they are a minor disorder, if they continue for an extended length of time they begin to take on the characteristics of water torture. When I was very young, I was told about a Pope who had the hiccups for something like a year. I don't know if this is true, or an urban legend, but if true, he must have abused a goatload of altar boys to deserve such a punishment. At any rate, the story made me gun-shy about hiccups. Every time they started, I'd experience a terrible anxiety rooted in the fear that they might not go away. The longer they lasted, the more intense the anxiety would become. Even now, the second or third hiccup in a group will set my palms sweating and increase my pulse rate. I suppose I'm hiccup phobic. Fortunately, it's been years since I've suffered a bout of hiccups lasting longer than two or three minutes. But I honestly think that if the sole remedy for hiccups were to tongue kiss Carrot Top, I'd do it.

Today's dose of Hell was about as intense as yesterday's, and once again I've resorted to air conditioning for relief. Even with that, Sluggo has been reluctant to keep an Internet connection for more than fifteen minutes. I swear, in the heat this computer passes out faster than an Iowa Baptist lady who has wandered in to a gay porno theatre. Now it is almost ten o'clock, and outdoors the temperature remains above 80o. As the last glow of sunset was silhouetting the trees, the scent of roasting flesh floated through the air -- from Friday evening barbecues, I'm sure, not barefoot boys walking the hot pavements. But I can't guarantee it.

As a fruitless gesture to placate the sun, a poem from 1930:


by Yvor Winters

Hills red and brown
and matted
springy with scruboak
the dust and sagesmell
a stifling cloud
rose at the touch
leaves fell to ash

more heat beat from
the earth
than from the sun the
was hot all night

the coral snakes
rolling over smoking rock
in sluggish agony
in search of sleep

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