rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Breathe Now, Scorch Later

I must be developing night blindness. I've noticed that it's taking my eyes considerably longer than it did even a year ago to adjust to the darkness outdoors after I've been looking at the monitor or reading, and I'm seeing fewer stars even after being outside for several minutes. The loss of the stars might be in part due to increasing light pollution in the area, but even taking that into consideration, I know that my vision is not what it was. How annoying.

Now that the weather is so warm, the smaller of my two cats is insisting on spending almost every minute of the night outdoors, coming in only for the occasional snack. The other cats in the neighborhood are taking advantage of the summer, too. She has gotten into fights with them on each of the last three nights. She has no idea that she's getting to old for such behavior. I'd keep her indoors, but she's very, very good at dashing out unexpectedly when the door is just being closed. Too clever for her own good, she's bound to get in trouble eventually. This morning, she's nowhere to be seen. The birds had best be on guard.

Everyone is so taken with the news of Strom Thurmond's leaving us that I have seen little mention of the fact that another relic of the bad old days, former Georgia governor Lester Maddox, has also departed this vale of tears. How sad that the two of them just missed their chance to legally sodomize one another at W's Texas ranch. Fate is so unkind.

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