rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Chirp Away, Little Morning Birds. I'm Ignoring You.

A breeze has risen and is making the doors bump and the mulberry leaves rustle. The leaves sound like spattering rain, or perhaps like waves of distant applause. But what is there to applaud? Maybe the endurance of the crickets, marking the long passage of night with their relentless chirps. Maybe the pervasive scent of the jasmine, now fully restored after having been dampened for a while by last night's rain. Or maybe just the stars, brightened by the absence of the moon.

Whatever the applause is for, I'm sure it isn't for me, squinting at Sluggo's monitor, plodding out a few more words. The night cares no more for what I do or what I say than does the un-catchable gnat which periodically pirouettes through my field of vision, distracting my concentration and making me snort for fear of inhaling the obnoxious little beast. It is surely summer.

A question about my Caillebotte user icons sent me to check the URL of the site from which I stole them. (I always like to check old links before re-posting them.) I found that the site had recently been updated by its keeper, the mysterious rocsdad. On my last visit, there were six albums containing 117 of Caillebotte's paintings. Now there are seven albums, with scans of 162 paintings. Gustave Caillebotte's Home Page at Webshots. I think a couple of dozen people have added me to their friends lists since last I posted this link, so It's about time I did it again.

I need to fetch those new scans for my collection, which is apt to take a while, given Sluggo's warm weather crankiness. That will have to be later. There is a rumor that right now I need to sleep. I'm sure it's true.

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