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They never came back to clean up the back yard. That means they'll probably show up early tomorrow morning to do it, and wake me up again. This afternoon, I sat down on the couch about 1:30 and the next thing I knew it was almost 6:00 and time for dinner. I'm no fun. I fell right over.

In the evening, I went out for a walk. Something like spring temperatures have arrived on the first day of summer. It was quite nice out. I saw a flock of small birds circling over the field by the frog's marsh in the grey evening, as the valley haze was turning purple. All the trees are now intensely green, but the fields are mostly brown and grey and filled with big puffy seed heads of some oversized relative of the dandelion. The Scottish broom is still yellow, but the brightest color is from the red oleanders which are now at their peak. The white oleanders are blooming, too, but seem rather reserved next to their lurid cousins.

They were tilling the soil in the orchard today. Soon the little apples will appear. Already, there are small green walnuts on the tree in the back yard. In spite of all the odd weather this year, things are growing as they should. Now the crickets are chirping, and the cats are watching the deepening night. The first day of summer is over.

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