rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Loose Ends

They've gone, and it's quiet, but I'm groggily awake now and don't know what to do with myself. They only cleaned the front yard, and will probably be back later to do the back, so there'd be no point in my trying to get to sleep again anyway. At least it's gotten a bit cooler today, and a bit breezy.

I had a weird dream in which I was making entries and comments here and after posting them realized that I'd left out apostrophes or included apostrophes where they don't belong. Furthermore, I found that I was unable to edit the entries, and had the feeling that something terrible would happen to me because of it. Grammar paranoia! Now I'm resisting the urge to go back over my old entries and comments and see if the dream had any basis in reality.

I think I'll go sit outdoors and close my eyes and pretend I'm at the beach. Longest day of the year, and now it's even longer because I'm awake too early.

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