rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A nephew came over to fix the ceiling light in the kitchen. It quit working a few days ago. After some putzing about, he finally repaired it. After he left, I discovered that the attic fan, which is on the same circuit, had gone off. It never goes off so early when it's this hot. So now the attic is not being vented, and the heat is seeping down into the house making both me and Sluggo cranky. It going to get hotter, too, so I hope we can get the fan fixed faster than we got the light fixed. In any case, all this has brought me to the inescapable conclusion that electricity hates me. That's why I ought to stay in California, where execution is by gas. If we had the electric chair, I'd be bound to end up in it even though I've never committed a capital crime. The electricity would find a way to get me.Electricity would commit a series of murders and frame me for them. Don't ever believe what electricity tells you. Electricity is evil!
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