rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cooler, With a Chance of Sleep

This is quite refreshing, for a change. I think I'll actually have to use three blankets this morning. Without the dragon breathing down my neck, I've gotten a bit done tonight. A couple of in-boxes are now mostly caught up. Still no pictures uploaded, but I've got a bit of breathing room. Thanks, delta breeze.

That's what they call this weather phenomenon; delta breeze. The fresh air blows up through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta from San Francisco Bay, bringing just a hint of the Pacific and considerably cooler nights. I've always thought it sounded like one of those names DJs pick up. Delta Breeze.

Only one cat fight last night, way up the street. I was, however, stalked by a kitty, just a short while ago. I was standing on the porch when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. Just beyond the low wall along the front of the lawn, I saw two black ears poking up. They rose a bit higher, and there were two amber eyes. The cat watched me for a minute, then sank out of sight. I saw a tail tip moving up the street. The cat reached the end of the wall and peeked over it again, then dashed across the driveway and concealed itself in some bushes, from which it watched me for a few more minutes. Then it slinked (slunk?) off. Kitties are entertaining.

It ought to be a bit easier to get to sleep this morning, now that it's not so hot. The powerful smell of jasmine might provide interesting material for dreams, too.

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