rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


At last, something I would consider decent spring weather! It was warm, but not so warm that I was uncomfortable. (Sluggo would like it to drop another ten degrees, though. He's having a thirty minute day.) The jasmine is white with fragrant blossoms, the cherries are ripening to deep red, the oak leaves have reached their brightest shade of green, and the roadsides are splashed with the bright yellow of Scottish broom. Even though the fields are well on their way to summer brown, things are looking nice. This evening, I walked to the edge of town and, as I was watching the late sunlight play across the trees beyond the canyon, I was startled by a deer who ran out of the woods twenty yards away. It was a lone young buck, probably only recently separated from his family. He dashed across the narrow road and into the scattered trees on the other side, where he stopped and looked back at me. I thought that more deer might follow him, but there were none. After a while, he decided that I was of no interest, and continued on into the deeper woods to the north. Unfortunately, the light was failing so I didn't get a picture of him.

I also saw a gray cat going for a walk with a man and a big dog. That was interesting. In fact, there was an abundance of cats out today. The milder temperature must have something to do with that. I'll probably hear cat fights tonight. I might even see them, since the waxing moon is now gibbous and bright. I hope the weather continues like this for at least a few more days before the scorching summer sets in.

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