rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Song and Scent

The bird with the ornate song is back, first thing in the morning. It began performing even before the jays began their screeching. Until I know better, I'm thinking of it as a lark, even though it doesn't sound quite like the larks we usually get here. Whatever it is, it is certainly persistent.

I have removed the fan from the window and placed it on the floor, blowing directly into the little cubbyhole where Sluggo lives. This has added a few minutes to the time I can remain online, and reduced the amount of time needed for Sluggo to cool off enough to be rebooted. Unfortunately, while Sluggo is now cooler, I am hotter. The good news is that I have saved almost enough money to replace Sluggo's cranky innards. If nothing untoward happens, I ought to have a computer that might function properly within just a couple of months. In the meantime, my presence here will most likely continue to be limited, and my posts brief. I'm barely commenting at all, and feel as though I were becoming invisible. Heh. Rejectoplasm.

But, in the air last night, the faintest scent of jasmine. It will grow stronger over the coming nights. It was in the air two years ago, when I first stumbled across LJ. The jasmine adds a touch of the romantic to the atmosphere, and always makes me feel just a little bit better. I need that very much this year.

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